The Language Box is a global language learning method based primarily on the motivation of the children. Teacher Silvia Rovira.

This is achieved by stimulating them through games, songs, rhymes and stories. The main purpose of the method is to create the need to use the language in every situation that comes up during the session.

In each story, the children are immersed in everyday situations that make them use the language from the first minute of the activity. These stories are what make the activity dynamic, participatory and motivating for each age and it helps to achieve a global language learning.

The intention is to create the need for communication within the classroom by ensuring that the language is fully contextualized and much more than just a list of unconnected words.


  1. Oral comprehension: children should build the meaning of different stories from different stimuli.

  2. Pronunciation, intonation and rhythm of the language: children learn it before they learn how to use the language.

  3. Improving speaking skills: The Language Box creates a need for children to become more aware. They must make an effort to communicate in the new language, which means that they are gaining confidence in using it.

  4. General grammar knowledge and focus on grammatical structures: They are much easier to acquire when you are young. Children already know a lot of this language structures without being aware of it.

Trial Session: 


Thursday 24th September 2020 

15:00h     3-5 year olds. (Spanish Box)

15:30h      3-5 year olds. (English Box)

16:00h     6 year olds. (English Box)

Trial session: 5€.



Course dates:


Thu 1st October 2020

Thu 8th October 2020

Thu 15th October 2020

Thu 22nd October 2020 

Thu 29th October 2020

Thu 5th November 2020

Thu 12th November 2020

Thu 19th November 2020

Thu 26th November 2020

Thu 3rd December 2020

Thu 10th December 2020

Thu 17th December 2020



14:00 - 14:45        3-5 year olds. (Spanish Box)

15:00 - 15:45         3-5 year olds. (English Box) 

16:00 - 17:45     6 year olds. (English Box)

For 2 years old on request, minimum 4 participants.



Price: 14€/session

There’s a limited number of participants.

Prior registration required, 06766194251

Facebook: The Language Box Vienna

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