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Mama & Papa Pur
Mama & Papa Pur
Mama & Papa Pur

YOGA SESSIONS FOR CHILDREN, guided by Kristina Haladikova and Silvia Rovira, 

for children between 3-5 year olds and 6-9 year olds.

The sessions will be divided by age and they will focus on yoga, movement, play, creativity and mindfulness.

Our unique program consists of playful yoga inspired by fun stories, age appropriate dance movements and creative mindfulness exercises.

All led in English! Extra bonus, if you wish your child to improve their English.
The classes are kept small, so that we can give each child the best experience and individual attention.

Structure of the session:

  • Activity with movement and music to warm up and focus on our bodies.

  • Yoga focused stories and yoga asanas: a story is explained and the children have to

    move according to what happens and make the different yoga poses.

  • Creativity and mindfulness: always at the end of the session to help students find focus, concentration and mindfulness. The kids are encouraged to participate in a group activity where they create something together, such as a mandala or a big drawing. Sometimes music leads this part of the session and they create something

    individually that fosters creativity and presence in the moment.

Course dates:

TERMINE folgen, sobald wir wieder dürfen!


15:00-15:45 3-5 year olds

16:00 -16:45 6-9 year olds 





There’s a limited number of participants.

Prior registration required:

Facebook: Children's Yoga with Kristina & Silvia

Mama & Papa Pur
Mama & Papa Pur
Mama & Papa Pur